Frequently asked questions

Scrub Some will not keep access to your social media usernames or passwords once you are finished cleaning. 

We have come up with an algorithm with every word that could be viewed as offensive. While we understand that some of the words may not be offensive to different people it is our job to make sure your account looks clean to everyone. 

These words can be found in our terms and conditions. 

We definitely provide this option to all of our users. We still believe that using our algorithm is the most efficient way possible to clean your account. If there is a word that you believe should be in our algorithm please email us at

All payments are final. If you believe there has been a mistake please contact us at

We have not intentionally left any words out of our algorithm. In fact we are looking to add to the list in case we missed some words that may come off as offensive. We are always looking for feedback. You may email us at with any suggestions on how to improve.